Our Company

In 1919, company founder Henry Senanayake emigrated to Bangkok from Sri Lanka. He opened our first two Singapore jewellery shops on Oriental Avenue and within the five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel under the name H Sena Jewellery – ‘Sena’ being the name he was more popularly known as.

On a stopover at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore during the 1930s on his way to Europe, Henry saw the potential for establishing a new store at the hotel’s exclusive shopping arcade. The hotel management agreed, and he asked his brothers to run the business while he remained in Bangkok – starting the company’s family-run tradition that continues to this day. He also opened two stores in Malaysia which were owned and run by Sena family members.
our_company_bottom_imageHenry Sena retired in 1962, content in the knowledge that his family is following his years of fine jewellery craftsmanship and inherited knowledge of precious metals and gemstones. He handed his stores in Singapore over to his youngest son, Dharma Sena. After taking over the company, Dharma sourced a wider range of stones and brought H Sena’s wedding band, engagement ring and earrings designs into the world of Asia’s elite. He managed the H Sena flagship store until 2011, before passing it on to the third generation of the Sena family.