The Sena Difference


The difference between H Sena Jewellers and other Singapore jewellery makers can be summed up in a single word: family.

We’ve kept our jewellery knowledge and skill in the Sena family for generations, passing down the secrets of fine craftsmanship and the 4 Cs of gemstone selection from father and mother to son and daughter. We also know that when you’ve found the perfect piece of jewellery, you’ll want to show it off to the people you love and care about. Our personal and friendly approach will make a trip to our shop feel like a family visit – you’ll enjoy a warm welcome and genuine care that large chains just can’t offer.

The majority of our pieces are crafted from scratch, by hand, with 18-Karat precious metals and gemstones that we’ve picked out personally. Our unique method of selecting the best diamonds starts with us looking at the stone before going through the certification process. This way we can ensure the stone has good brilliance, fire and scintillation. This information is not stated on the certificate but only be seen when you look at the stone closely. If you choose a necklace, earrings, wedding band or engagement ring from our main jewellery or bridal ranges, we’ll adjust it to fit as if it was made for you. One-of-a-kind pieces can also be made to your exact requirements through our custom design service.


At H Sena, our handcrafted Singapore jewellery brings inspiring and beautiful ideas to life. We create thoughtful...

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