Custom Design

Every bespoke jewellery design crafted by H. Sena becomes a beautiful and special masterpiece. We sculpt every ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings by hand from 18-karat precious metals and the finest ethically sourced diamonds & coloured stones.

If you have an idea for the perfect piece of jewellery – whether it’s an engagement ring or wedding band, birthday necklace, one-of-a-kind brooch, or a re-worked antique heirloom – we’ll help you turn it into reality.

At our first meeting, we will discuss the vision for your custom jewellery, whether you have a photo in hand or a unique idea in mind. Our experienced team will escort you through the possibilities reflecting your desires within the boundaries of what metals and stones will allow. We can provide you with preliminary drawings, allowing you to review and modify your custom piece before we begin work. For most projects, you may request to see the rough item before it is completed.

Finally, you will hold in your hands an exquisitely crafted work of art, designed by you, to treasure for a lifetime.

To ensure your jewellery lives up to the H. Sena experience, we create your custom pieces using only the fine metals, clear diamonds and coloured stones we have selected for lasting brilliance and quality. H. Sena is Singapore’s leading stockist of high-quality stones, boasting superior colour and radiance, ideal for your specially crafted luxury jewellery.

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