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Based in Singapore since 1935, the H. Sena atelier at Ngee Ann City operates as a stand-alone boutique. In their dedication to bring forth the familial touch that is key to the H. Sena identity, every step of the customer’s journey is escorted by an experienced team. From initial ideations, preliminary sketches, gem selections to final modifications, customers are personally advised the possibilities and boundaries with an expert eye to bring their vision to life in its most desired form.

Hand-crafted by local artisans in Singapore, the brand takes pride in its reputation as Singapore’s leading stockist for diamonds of the highest grade (FL to VS) and coloured gemstones. With a three-generation honed expertise, the gemstones and diamonds are certified by reputable gemological laboratories that are experienced in the field. Ethically sourced with GIA certification from reliable relationships built over the century, every stone is individually scrutinized to ensure its brilliance - considered via a stringent appraisal of cut, carat, clarity and colour for white diamonds, with a preliminary emphasis on colour depth for coloured diamonds and gemstones.


Clients with requests for stones of specific rarity, sizing and colour can also tap on their network of sourcing the most flawless of gems in the market. Using only authentic assortments of 18-karat gold, white gold and platinum across all adornments, every piece is sculpted close by hand, with diamonds and gems individually set with utmost care and precision – all to present a piece that will be treasured for longevity, crafted within the country for the ease of flexibility, without the price tag of international ateliers for similar stones.

“When my grandfather first set out on this journey, his motivation has always been driven by a desire to convey stories, celebrations and reflections of self through jewellery,” says Senanayake. “Jewellery to me, is love in material form and of course, family. It is a conviction that has been paved through time and all of us at H. Sena are committed to not just continuing his legacy, but also the love of our customers in generations to come.”

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