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Fine jewellery is meant to last for generations, therefore home care is an important step to ensure your jewellery's longevity. All pieces set with precious gemstones can be washed in warm, mild soapy water and cleaned with a soft toothbrush to remove any oils, grime and dirt that impacts their brilliance. Rinse your pieces well under running water one at a time, then dry it with a soft cloth or a hair dryer. Always ensure your sink is plugged before you begin cleaning, as jewellery can slip easily from  your soapy hands.

Select a case or individual storage bag lined with soft fabric, and double-check to see if your jewellery is dry before you put it away. It is important to keep your pieces separately, as metals and stones may rub together causing scratching and damage in storage. Where possible, try avoid wearing different metals next to each other, as harder metals may damage their softer companions.

When carrying out any rough work, please remove your jewellery as any knocks, rapid changes in temperature, and contact with chemicals and chlorinated water can cause damage to metals and gemstones.


When your new piece is complete, we’ll make an appointment for you to come pick it up. We can also arrange a reminder call, if your appointment is longer than a few days away.

With proper care, fine jewellery should last beyond a lifetime. We can help you professionally maintain every piece of jewellery, and recommend a visit to the H. Sena store every six to twelve months in addition to your regular home care routine.

We’ll inspect each piece and gemstone under a loupe for wear and tear – which does happen when you’ve kept a wedding band, engagement ring or favourite earrings on every day. We can then make adjustments and repairs, and get it polished and plated to make it look brand new once again.

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