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The Proper Etiquette for Wearing Engagement and Wedding Rings: Part 1

Diamond engagement ring and wedding band sets from H. Sena Jewellers in Singapore

Navigating the realm of engagement rings and wedding bands can be perplexing, but fear not! We've compiled a handy guide to help demystify the conventions surrounding these cherished symbols of love and commitment.

Engagement and Wedding Rings 101:

  1. The Ring Finger: Positioned between the pinky and middle finger on both hands, the ring finger is traditionally where engagement and wedding rings are worn, particularly on the left hand in many Western cultures.

  2. Historical Context: The concept of wearing rings on the ring finger dates back to Ancient Rome, where it was believed to have a direct connection to the heart. Over time, this tradition evolved into a symbol of love and commitment, leading to the widespread practice of wearing engagement and wedding rings on this finger.

  3. Ring Placement: While there are no strict rules, the ring finger is traditionally reserved for engagement and wedding rings in many Western cultures. Wearing a ring on your ring finger may lead others to assume marital status. Opt for unique designs or stackable rings to differentiate fashion pieces from wedding bands.

  4. Promise Rings: A promise ring is a symbol of commitment given before an engagement ring. While it can be worn on any finger, many couples choose to wear it on the left ring finger as a placeholder for a future engagement ring, or on the right ring finger. Many couples who give promise rings and wear them on the left ring finger will move the promise ring to their right hand when they get engaged or married.

  5. Engagement Ring Placement: In Western cultures, engagement rings are typically worn on the left ring finger. However, in countries like Russia, Spain, India, Greece, and Poland, it's more common to wear the engagement ring on the right ring finger. Ultimately, the choice of finger is up to the individual, but wearing a ring on the left ring finger is often seen as a sign of engagement or marriage.

  6. Wedding Ring Placement: Wedding rings are usually worn on the same finger as the engagement ring, most commonly on the left ring finger. However, some individuals may choose to wear a simple wedding band every day and reserve their engagement ring for special occasions. This is also a common practice when traveling, or in other situations where a person might be afraid of losing or damaging a diamond ring.

  7. Engagement vs. Wedding Rings: While these terms are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between engagement and wedding rings. Engagement rings are typically given at the time of a proposal, while wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony. Couples often opt for matching wedding ring sets to symbolise their union, but individuality is becoming increasingly common and couples worry less about coordinating with their spouse.

  8. Optional Symbols of Commitment: While engagement and wedding rings are traditional symbols of commitment, they're not the only options. Throughout history, some notable figures exchanged other tokens to seal engagements or marriages. For example, iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor received a diamond tennis bracelet in one famous proposal and an emerald brooch for another!

For the ultimate expression of love and devotion, explore H. Sena's exquisite collection of engagement and wedding rings, meticulously crafted in our Singapore atelier. Stay tuned for part two of our comprehensive guide, where we'll delve deeper into the world of wedding jewellery etiquette!

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