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For Medhanie Senanayake of H. Sena, the time is now. With the greatest hurdle in the form of COVID-19 right in front of her, there’s no better time to reintroduce the fabled Singapore-based jewellery brand to a brave new world.

“H. Sena is a bespoke jewellery brand that was founded by my grandpa, Henry Senanayake. He was a Sinhalese jewellery craftsman who decided to uproot and start his own venture in Thailand, where he eventually opened his first store at the Mandarin Hotel in Bangkok,” shares Medhanie Senanayake, the third generation Director of H. Sena Pte Ltd. “From the stories my dad used to share, grandpa was a shrewd businessman who knew his way around the business, beyond the craft of. In an industry that revolves around detail and intimacy, he was always attentive to every opportunity and connection, eventually paving his way to the circle of Asia’s elite.”

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