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The Proper Etiquette for Wearing Engagement and Wedding Rings: Part 2

Welcome back to our two-part series on the proper etiquette for wearing engagement and wedding rings. (Read Part 1 here.) In Part 2, we'll delve deeper into common questions and considerations surrounding the wearing of engagement and wedding rings, including men's engagement rings, ring placement during wedding ceremonies, and alternative ways to wear promise rings and anniversary rings.

Engagement and Wedding Rings 101:

  1. Men and Engagement Rings: While engagement rings for men aren't as entrenched in Western cultures, the practice is gaining popularity. Celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Skylar Astin, Michael Bublé and David Otunga proudly embrace men's engagement rings, challenging stereotypes and celebrating love in all its forms.

  2. Engagement Rings During the Wedding Ceremony: On your wedding day, the placement of your engagement ring requires careful consideration. Many brides-to-be opt to move their engagement rings to their right hand before the ceremony. This gesture allows the wedding band to take center stage on the left hand during the exchange of vows. Post-ceremony, the engagement ring can be moved back to its original position atop the wedding band or soldered together for a unified bridal set.

  3. Which Hand for Wedding Ring: Across Western cultures, the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the left hand's ring finger endures. This custom mirrors the placement of engagement rings and symbolises the eternal bond between spouses.

  4. Meaning of Wedding Ring on the Right Hand: In some cultures like those in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Latin America, wearing a wedding ring on the right hand is customary. This practice is also embraced by LGBTQ+ couples seeking to defy conventional norms associated with heterosexual relationships. However, the choice of finger for wearing wedding rings remains deeply personal, allowing individuals and couples to express their love and commitment in ways that resonate with their identities and beliefs.

  5. Men and Wedding Rings: There's no gender-specific rule for which finger men should wear their wedding rings on. Traditionally, couples opt to wear their rings on the same finger and hand, symbolising unity. In the United States and many other Western cultures, men commonly wear their wedding rings on the left ring finger, mirroring the practice of their partners.

  6. Order of Ring Wear: Traditionally, wedding bands are worn closest to the heart, stacked below the engagement ring on the left ring finger. However, some people like to wear their wedding band on top of their engagement ring as a way to secure it on the finger.

  7. Alternative Ways to Wear Rings: Besides the left ring finger, many move their engagement or promise rings to the right hand. For those who prefer not to wear rings on their fingers but still cherish them, consider wearing them on a necklace chain instead.

  8. Anniversary Ring Placement: Mark milestone anniversaries, like 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, with diamond eternity bands or other ring styles which can be worn on any finger based on personal preference. Feel free to mix metals or styles with your wedding and engagement rings for a unique and personalised look!

  9. Stacking Rings Placement: Stacking rings are versatile fashion statements, often adorned with diamonds or gemstones, perfect for adding extra sparkle to your bridal set or enhancing your overall style. When creating your ring stack, consider your existing engagement or wedding rings, and look for bands that complement or contrast them. Opt for curved or contoured bands that nest beautifully around your engagement ring or bridal set, ensuring a flush fit. Ideal for those seeking a cohesive and elegant look!

Your wedding jewelry is a symbol of your unique commitment and love story. Whether you follow tradition or forge your own path, the choice is yours!

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